Toys Timelines

As part of our last topic, we learned all about old and new toys and how toys have changed over time. Here we are creating timelines to show the different toys from the Victorian period to now.


SDC12986 SDC12988 SDC12991 SDC12992 SDC12993


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Maths Magicians!

In Year 2, we are maths magicians! We worked on a maths investigation where we challenged our partners to choose a number from a card and we guessed which number they had chosen. It looked like magic but really involved lots of clever maths. Ask us how we did it!


SDC12918 SDC12917 SDC12916 SDC12915 SDC12914 SDC12913 SDC12912 SDC12911

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Pilgrim Fathers

In November, year 2 were invited to Retford Town Hall to learn about the Pilgrim Fathers.

We had a fantastic time! We told the story of the Pilgrims through songs, games, drama and crafts.First we used the parachute as the sea. We lifted it in time to the music. The sea started out calm and as the tempo of the music increased, a storm began to blow! We laid on the parachute, looking up at the stars and imagining what it would have been like on board The Mayflower ship. When we arrived in America, we had a big party to celebrate and we even caught bubbles on our hands!

We finished the morning making Thanksgiving lanterns before packing our cases and thinking about what we would take if we were to make the same voyage as the Pilgrims.


SDC12880 SDC12884 SDC12885 SDC12887 SDC12893 SDC12895 SDC12896 SDC12897 SDC12898 SDC12899 SDC12900 SDC12901 SDC12903

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Learning to code using Scratch

In year 2, we have been developing our skills as computer programmers. We have used some software called Scratch to design a sea background and a pirate ship sprite. Then we created an algorithm to move our pirate ship sprites to the treasure islands. These algorithms really work!

George and Eden Isobel and Oliver Max and Lucie

You can access Scratch at home using the following free website:

Why not ask your child to show off their fantastic computing skills at home?

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Romero Britto art work

In Year 2, we have been learning about the artist Romero Britto.

We have been developing our painting and mark making skills to create this fantastic artwork in the style of Britto.


SDC12844  SDC12846


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Pirate Day

To introduce our new topic about pirates, Year 2 dressed up as pirates and took part in Pirate Day!

Activities included:

A maths treasure hunt to find and solve clues

Feed the Pirates – making treasure map pizzas

Don’t get eaten by the sharks – team work to navigate around shark infested seas without falling into the water!

We finished the day by learning a sea shanty.

Here we are proving that we are fantastic pirates!

SDC12771 SDC12772 SDC12775 SDC12778 SDC12781 SDC12782 SDC12783 SDC12787 SDC12788 SDC12789 SDC12790 SDC12791 SDC12793 SDC12795 SDC12798 SDC12800 SDC12801 SDC12803 SDC12804 SDC12805 SDC12807 SDC12808 SDC12809 SDC12811 SDC12812 SDC12815 SDC12818 SDC12819 SDC12822 SDC12827 SDC12829 SDC12830 SDC12831

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